We here at Logo Unlimited love to provide #unlimitedoptions. One of our many options is a kit that you can make! You can use these kits for new hires, celebratory gifts, or just about anything that you can think of!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of these clients who love to get this kit! They use this kit to help gear their new hires! It is full of a ton of goodies that we have customized and made personal!

These items were laser engraved, embroidered, screen printed, and dye sublimated!

There is a great variety of embellishment options in this custom kit we created. There is also a hoodie in this kit that takes advantage of multimedia, which is using 2 or more different forms of embellishment on one garment. Creating these kits for employees is a great way to get gear to new hires as it was used here, or just to show appreciation to your employees.

Logo Unlimited will gladly walk you through the process of creating your own swag kit, providing you with many options of products and embellishment options. Contact us here to get started on your own swag kit!