Double Down CrossFit is an amazing gym where you're treated as more than just a member. At DDX your family and they prove that every step of the way. Working with DDX was a great experience and everyone working with us on this was a blast to communicate and create ideas with.

Custom patches can be made from a large variety of items and in any shape. Our custom patches are made from high-quality leatherette, which means that they look great when lasered and are very robust. Patches are a great option to display your company logo in a clean as well as stand-out way. In addition to showing your pride in your logo, custom patches also give you the opportunity to express yourself creatively through the shape of your patch.

Double Down wanted clean designs, we were able to work with them and get their designs embellished in multiple different ways. For this project, we did screen printing, full hat front lasered patches, and a custom tag over the edge of the beanie. In the end, we had a project full of great embellishment options and great-looking custom apparel!

If you are looking to create an order with multiple types of garments, as well as multiple decoration options, please contact us here!