Want to take things to the next level? If you want to design a collection from the ground up we can help guide you through the process. With cut-and-sew production, every aspect of the garment is customizable allowing you to create one-of-a-kind items.  You will choose everything from fabric and fit to zippers and thread color.  


This option is for companies looking to expand past the limitations of preexisting blanks to create designer collections.  Not only will you have control over design, but also the quality of materials, which can bring your brand into a premium market



Beyond custom garments, mass production offers new options to expand the items your brand can offer. You can design items like bags, shoes, hats, and other accessories to fit perfectly into the aesthetic of your designs and help add dimension to your business. 


Working directly with a manufacturer also opens up options for cutting-edge techniques, materials, and design elements that aren't available to those who use ready-made blanks. This factor further allows you the freedom and creativity to develop items that are truly unique to your brand. 

Timeline : 6-8 weeks                                              Minimum : 300 pieces

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