Pressing different materials such as 3D, Cork and Concrete Textures, Metallic/Matte Silicone and others using heat and pressure is a method known as Heat Transferring.

Heat transfers are a cost-effective way to go for small orders or samples to see sizing. They are also great if you would like effects that other options can't provide. Here are 2 of the most popular options:

  1. Vinyl Heat Transfers: The designated vinyl material is cut out to the required design. It is then heat pressed to transfer the design to the custom apparel. This method is best for one-color or quick turnaround jobs.
  2. Digital Prints: If you have a complex design that does not meet our screen printing or embroidery minimums, digital printing is a great way to go. These transfers are cost-effective and are able to be full color and full size.

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